A happy, friendly, nine year old, Lab/Golden Retriever mix. Registered assistance dog with over 70+ interactive commands. Seven years experience with children and adults in therapy, school, hospital and daycare environments. Comfortable working in individual or group settings.




Work Activities

  • Works with children and adults who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, autistic, orthopedically impaired, developmentally delayed, mentally challenged, emotionally disturbed, brain injured, medically fragile, socially inept and/or with multiple disabilities
  • Works in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy and school settings
  • Encourages expressive/receptive language, social interaction and play through her “famous” interactive kits
  • Responds to patient commands be they verbal, sign,PECsor via an assistive technology devices
  • Uses a variety of assistive technology devices including switches, computer and iPad to speak, sing and play with patients
  • Positions herself and uses toys and equipment to engage her patients in movements encouraging muscle tone, correct posture, and body awareness
  • Increases comfort, security, alertness and attention via her presence and the human-animal bond
  • Facilitates normal movement patterns (balance and locomotion for independent mobility) as she positions herself and interacts next to a variety of patient mobility devices (walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, scooters, wagons, bicycles, etc.)
  • Plays games with patients (Hidn’ Go Seek, Fetch, cards, board games, etc.) encouraging turn taking and other skills be they cognitive, mental, emotional or social
  • Encourages dressing and grooming skills via her dressing coats, dressing kit, toothbrushing and beauty parlor
  • Paints, writes, draws and works puzzles to encourage fine motor skills
  • Encourages her patients to become enthusiastic eaters during feeding therapy
  • Works in one-on-one and in group settings
  • Performs in plays and at tea parties for family and celebrates her birthday and other holidays with her patients
  • Plays one of Santa’s Reindogs at Christmas
  • Works with families and in the community as needed by patients
  • Puts on Parent Workshops designed to empower parents of disabled children
  • Attends community events which support her patients
  • Puts on presentation for schools, groups and civic organizations
  • Conducts workshops and seminars for professionals interested in using dogs in therapy or school settings
  • Supports Canine Companion for Independence Facility dog and Skilled Companion graduates

 Professional Experience

  • Canine Modality Specialist, Dustin’s Paw of Idaho,Kuna,ID2004– present 
  • Canine Modaility Specialist, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services Pediatrics and Jumpstart Clinic,Meridian,ID  2006-present
  • Canine Modality Specialist, Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, Boise, ID  2007-2010
  • Canine Modality Specialist and Patient Activities Saratoga Sub-acute Children’s Hospital,Saratoga,CA  2004-2006
  • Canine Modality Specialist, Children’sRecoveryCenter,Campbell,CA  2005-2006
  • Canine Modality Specialist, Scribbles and Giggles,Saratoga,CA  2004-2006
  • Canine Modality Specialist,DellaMaggioreSchool,San Jose,CA  2004-2006
  • Canine Modality Specialist,ChandlerTrippSchool,San Jose,CA  2004-2006

 Professional Activities

Workshops, Seminar and Presentations

  • Presentation with Trevor Vachter, SilverTrailElementary School, Kuna, ID  2011
  • Selecting and Using Toys, Parent Workshop,Meridian, ID 2011
  • BoiseRotary Club Presentation,Boise,ID  2011
  • Music Magic, Parent Workshops,Meridian,ID  2010, 2011
  • Consult with O’Donnell’s and Galba,Meridian,ID  2011
  • Canine Companion forIndependenceTraining Staff, Empowering Families to Use Their CCI Dogs,Santa Rose,CA 2011
  • State ofIdahoOrder of Eastern Star Presentation,Boise, ID  2011
  • Jumpstart Annual Parent Tea Parties,Meridian,ID  2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
  • 3 Performances Jumpstart Players presentTrashyTownfor parents and dignitaries,Meridian,ID  2011
  • Distinguished Citizen of the Year Speaker, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center,Boise,ID  2011
  • Presentation with Sam O’Donnell at Lincoln Elementary, Caldwell, ID  2011
  • Potty Training, Parent Workshop, Meridian, ID  2011
  • Saint Alphonsus Auxiliary Presentation, Boise, ID  2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • Boise Public School Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists Presentation, Meridian, ID  2011
  • Anser Charter School Presentation, Garden City, ID  2010
  • STARS/Peds Speech Therapist Computer/Dogs Inservice, Meridian, ID 2010
  • Falcon Ridge Charter School Presentation, Kuna, ID  2010
  • Canine Companions for Independence Puppy Raiser Demo, Meridian, ID  2010
  • Jumpstart Players present The Mitten for parents, Meridian, ID  2009
  • Hubbard Elementary School Presentation, Kuna, ID  2009
  • FOX News 12, Meridian, ID  2009
  • Brown Mackie College Presentation, Boise, ID  2009
  • Cactus Pete’s Presentation, Jackpot, NV  2009
  • Community Partners of Idaho Presentation, Meridian, ID  2009, 2007
  • Craig H. Neilson Foundation Presentation, Boise, ID  2009
  • KTVB Seven’s Hero, Meridian, ID  2009
  • 4H Presentation, Boise, ID  2009
  • Resource Faire, Meridian, ID  2009, 2007
  • Ameristar Get Together Presentation, Boise, ID  2009
  • It Takes Two to Talk, Parent Workshop,Meridian,ID  2009
  • Consulting for Gale Family,Meridian,ID  2009, 2008
  • Shareholder’s Breakfast,Boise,ID  2008
  • STARS Neuro Inservice,Boise, ID  2008
  • STARS Parents Presentation,Meridian,ID  2008, 2007
  • Ameristar/Cactus Pet’s Workplace Giving Video,Meridian,ID  2008
  • Sandra Bruce, CEO St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center at Jumpstart,Meridian, ID  2008
  • SpaldingElementary SchoolPresentation with Anna Botts,Meridian, ID  2008
  • Miranda’s Queen for a Day Presentation,MeridianandNampa,ID  2008
  • Consulting for North Star Foundation,Union City,CA  2008, 2007
  • Meridian Kiwanis Club Presentation,Meridian,ID  2008
  • Canine Companions for Independence Fundraiser, Sun Valley, ID  2006. 2007
  • Canine Companions forIndependenceGraduate Seminar Presentation,Santa Rosa, CA  2007
  • GemStateDevelopmentCenterPresentation,Nampa,ID  2007
  • FoothillsSchoolof Arts and Sciences Presentation,Boise,ID  2007
  • Jumpstart Players Present “The Gingerbread Dog,”MeridianID  2007
  • Additional demonstrations and presentations in SW Idaho  2006
  • Santa ClaraCountySeventh Annual Early Childhood Best Practices Conference Presentor,San Jose,CA  2005
  • San Andreas Regional Center Unit Meeting Presentation,Campbell,CA  2005
  • Four presentations for Canine Companions for Independence, one for trainers and three at Graduate Seminars, Santa Rosa, CA  2005, 2004
  • Plus many demonstrations and presentations in schools, libraries and community organizations throughout the California 2004-2006

 Professional Publications

  • Facebook page www.facebook.com/dustinspawidaho   2011
  • Selecting and Using Toys manual 2011
  • Potty Training booklet  2011
  • Jumpstart’s Greatest Hits CD and songbook with Amber Gresham  2010
  • Let’s Have Tea, a computer game and book based on Jumpstart Tea Parties  2010
  • Miraculous Tails, a Dustin’s Paw Newsletter  2010-present
  • Booklet on how dogs are used in rehabilitation therapy for Dr. Shilt, Spasticity Clinic, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center  2010
  • Dustin’s Paw Dogs and Infection Control Policies and Procedures  2009
  • The Mitten, a computer game for children based on play performance  2009
  • Material provided for Facility Dogs at Work Handbook  2009
  • Ovelle, Ovelle Who Do You See?, a children’s book and computer game 2008
  • Jumpstart Band, a children’s book  2008
  • Newsletter highlighting what Dustin’s Paw is doing in Idaho  2006-2009
  • Created www.dustinspaw.org   2006-2011
  • Ovelle Bakes a Cake, video,San Jose,CA  2004

 Grants Received

  • Saint Alphonsus Auxiliary Grant    2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
  • Primary Beneficiary of Albertsons Boise Open  September 2009
  •  Ameristar/Cactus Pete’s/Craig H. Neilson Foundation Grants  2007, 2008, 2009
  • Saint Alponsus Foundation,OpportunityGrants  2006, 2007


  • It’s a Doggone Miracle!, Front page article in Idaho Statesman  2009
  • Ovelle is KTVB, Seven’s Hero 2009
  • FOX New 12  2009
  • Ovelle recognized as therapist with the highest patient satisfaction  2008
  • IdahoBusiness Review Health Care Heros/Rehabilitation Care  2008
  • Selected to represent Facility Dogs at National Canine Companion for Independence Donors Celebration  2005

Community Involvement

  • Canine Companions for Independence Idaho Chapter  2011-present
  • Sam Hartz Memorial Golf Tournament  2011
  • Kuna Days Parade  2010-2011
  • Saint Alpohnsus Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit Reunion, Christmas Party  2010
  • Buddy Walk, Idaho Downs Syndrome Association  2009-present
  • Saint Alphonsus Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit Santa and His Reindogs Visit  2009-present
  • Capitol Classic, Saint Alphonosus Foundation  2008—present
  • March for Babies, March of Dimes  2008-present

 Professional Education

  • Canine Companion forIndependenceGraduate Seminars  2005, 2006, 2009
  • Alice Peterson, dog trainer Boise,ID  2008


  • Bred by Canine Companions forIndependenceto be an assistance dog, parents Campbell II and Kenna  2002
  • Raised by Nicole Scheid ofMercer Island,WA  2003-2004
  • Trained at Canine Companions forIndependence,Santa Rosa,CAbyShannon  May 2004-November 2004
  • Graduates with Diane Rampelberg,Santa Rosa,CA  November 13, 2004
  • Additional training with Diane 2004-Present


  • Serving, working and earning treats
  • Eating carrots, peas and apples
  • Getting neck scratched
  • Going for walks
  • Retrieving balls
  • Her stuffed bunny, cow, pig and goose

Professional Standards

  • Maintains high professional standards of health, cleanliness, social interaction and discipline as outlined in Dustin’s Paw Policies and Procedures
  • Spayed which benefits both her behavior and health
  • Toilets on command in a discreet area, droppings are immediately cleanup by her handler
  • Vaccinations are up-to-date
  • Regular health care and exams from Dr. Brett Bingham,IntermountainPetHospital
  • Monthly heartgard
  • Bathed regularly and brushed daily
  • Infection Control Policies and Procedures are in place
  • Approved to work by Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services and hospital, Pediatric Medical Directors at SubacuteSaratogaHospitaland Santa Clara County Office of Education nurses
  • Assistance Dog International Testing every three years, current certification  2014 
  • Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services Clinical Outcomes  2007-present


Tiffany Dean and Diann Davis-Martin
STARS Pediatrics and Jumpstart
179 SW 5th Avenue
Meridian,ID 83642
(208) 367-8282

Dr. Craig Jussell
Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services
901 N. Curtis Road, Ste. 204
Boise,ID 83706
(208) 367-3351

Ron and Sara Gambassi
5141 N. Capson Avenue
Boise,ID 83704
(208) 890-5680

Melody Dean
1873W. Whiff Drive
Eagle,ID 83616
(208) 859-1232

Amber R. Myrick, LL.M, P.A.
3101 W. Main St. Suite 200
(208) 344-8600

Ken and Tessa O’Donnell
2950 N. Blue Springs Avenue
Meridian,ID 83646
(208) 447-9505

 Lauren Rignel
NW Region Program Manger/Instructor
Canine Companions forIndependence
P.O. Box 446
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446
(707) 577-1798

Mike Zarcone
Subacute Saratoga Children’s Hospital
13425 Sousa Lane
Saratoga, CA  95070
(408) 378-8875