The Lord has bless Dustins’ Paw with some wonderful dogs! They each have had their own personalities and they each have served and loved the people they were destined to minister to with enthusiasm.

This page is dedicated to them:

Dustin II          October 27, 1997 – May 19, 2004

Geralyn            November 3, 1998 – June 15, 2010

Ovelle              November 2, 2002 — November 14, 2014

The following poem was given to us when our first dog, Dustin, crossed the rainbow bridge. It says well what these dog do whether you are their partner or patient.

A true friend knows your weaknesses
But shows your strengths;
Feels your fears
But fortifies your faith;
Sees your anxieties
But frees your spirit;
Recognizes your disabilities
But emphasizes your possibilities.

That friend is found in the Dustin’s Paw dogs.