November 3, 1998 – June 15, 2010





In January of 1999 our sweet Geralyn came to live with us. As a Canine Companion for Independence puppy she was bred for a career as an assistance dog and it was our job to get her ready. She was a true treasue – smart and happy with the ability to brighten up your day with her antics. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, she was released due to a medical condition. We loved her and wanted her. So, we adopted her as our own dog in March of 2000.

We soon realized that she was a dog who loved people and needed a job. So, Diane and Geralyn attended Bonnie Bergin’s Social Therapy Dog Class. Upon completion of the class Geralyn joined Dustin, namesake of our organization and our first Canine Modality Specialist, working off and on with disabled children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her greatest moment came when Dustin passed away in 2004. After just one day at school without a dog, Diane called Geralyn into service. She faithfully served the children at Chandler Tripp, Della Maggorie and Saratoga Sub-Acute Chidlren’s Hospital. She was just what we all needed. Although she was not as skilled as Dustin, she provided the unconditional love, motivation and comfort to get through our grief and paved the way for Ovelle who arrived six months later.

Geralyn’s greatest achievement was with a young man who had been bedridden for an entire year. He refused to get up and was very discouraged and depressed. With the hard work and love provided by Geralyn and Diane this young man got up, out of bed and into his wheelchair within three days! He went on to become an American citizen and got his High School Diploma.

In April of 2006 Geralyn moved to Idaho. She loved Idaho especially the snowballs and delighted in chasing them  and busting them to pieces! She also loved riding in the back seat of Mike’s 1971 Malibu. Acting as his secretary,she took her job seriously making sure everyone was properly greeted. In addition, she continued to work on a limited basis with Ovelle at STARS PEDS/Jumpstart and attended many of the community speical events.

We do miss her and are so thankful for the time the Lord gave us with her. She truly brightened our lives and the lives of many others!