For engagement in functional and meaningful activities we use the assistance of Ovelle and Prairie to work creating therapeutic relationships with the patients. With one patient we started with basic tactile desensitization. He was unable to eat, had difficult with dressing, and tolerating textures in his hands and would react adversely to tactile sensation – even human touch. By incorporating the use of Ovelle and other Occupational Therapy interventions, this patient is able to tolerate tactile sensations on this hands and body so he can engage in functional and meaningful everyday activities. We are now working on feeding and being able to tolerate different food textures. Through modeling, desensitization strategies with Ovelle and Prairie along with other Occupation Thereapy modalities, he can tolerate many textures without adversities. At home he is now able to eat an entire yogurt with actual consumption being approximately 50%. – Farrell Lindley, Occupation Therapist

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