You can’t put a price tag on motivation. You can have wonderful “therapy” ideas and the latest equipmehnt; but if a patient is not motivated, nothing will happen. The Dustin dogs provide the following for the patient:

  • FOCUS. The dogs help take the focus off pain, problems and the reality of a disability and make things fun via their interactive activites.
  • FUN. Fun that helps a patient listen and participate so that they can ”play” (really therapy in disquise) with the dogs. You will hear laughter, singing and cheerful voices. You will see smiles.
  • MOVTIVATION. Patients are not only more willing to do something over and over again; they are also willing to try new things.
  • DISTRACTION. The dogs provide a distractions that can keep patients engaged in activity – to push through things that are painful, difficult or confusing. They can also provide distraction when a patient is learning how to focus on a task in the midst of chaos.
  • CONTROL. As a patient, people are always busy telling you what to do, doing things for you and basically organizing our life. Sometimes you just like to do it yourself and tell someone else what to do. The dogs love to be told what to do. SIT, DOWN, GET, TOUCH, JUMP, etc., etc.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT. Therapy can be a scary thing all the way from the equipment used in treatment to sounds and smells. The dogs love you just the way you are. They believe you can do it! And because of that, fearful patients will work through pain and things that are just plain difficult.
  • HOPE. The dogs bring ”life” into the day. Their enthusaism rubs off. The day looks brighter and there is always something for which we can be thankful.

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