The Dustin’s Paw dogs are highly trained Assistance Dogs bred, raised and trained by Canine Companions for Independence to do the work of a Facility Dog. CCI has been engaged in training dogs since 1975 and graduate only those dogs who meet the high standards for assistance dogs as set by Assitance Dogs International, Inc.  In 2002 CCI became the first member agency to earn full accreditation meeting or exceeding all ADI Standards. In addition to preparing assistance dogs, CCI continues to support the teams they graduate throughout the life of the dog to ensure quality partnerships.

Why do we use CCI Assistance Dogs?

  • The dogs are stable
  • The dogs are well trained
  • The dogs are skilled
  • The dogs have the temperment to do the work
  • Getting an adult dog ready to work fits with our desire to be good stewards/partners
  • CCI provides ongoing support
  • A 15 year good working relationship with CCI
  • Allows us to share assistance dogs with our patients some of whom will get dogs of their own


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